Château de la Motte Husson, Pays de la Loire
In this first episode of Channel 4s Series 4 of Escape to the Château DIY, the French fairytale continues with the Strawbridge family making preparations for Guy Fawkes Night.  Angel and Arthur go hunting for some of Dick’s old clothes to dress Guy in while Dick is in the kitchen making homemade toffee apples. Together as a family they bob for apples, hunt for smarties in flour, a good time was had by all.

Château du Masgelier, Limousin
This is the home of Fiona Jones who is renovating and decorating a room in time for her daughter’s arrival.  Fiona’s daughter has given Mum a brief for the decor which does not include the chandelier from her childhood.  Winter weather slows progress as the wallpaper refuses to dry. More about Chateau du Masgelier

Château du Puits es Pratx, Languedoc Roussillon
A new chateau is introduced!  The owners Tim and Sasha team with their daughter (a chef) and her boyfriend.  In this episode they prepare a 7 course meal for the New Year’s Eve celebration to herald in 2019.  After a long day in the kitchen Sasha is the disco DJ but a few minutes before midnight they cannot get the sound system working – they miss midnight but guests hardly noticed.  More about Chateau du Puits es Pratx

Château de Bourneau, Pays de la Loire
In the 19th century 50 room Château de Bourneau charming owners Erin and Jean-Baptiste have decided to start renovating the South Wing.  Erin’s design dreams leave Jean-Baptiste wondering how he will get plumbing to the turret room to create the amazing shower room that Erin has in mind.  An unexpected booking for a French company meeting including dinner takes them away from renovations for the day and Erin learns waitress skills from Jean- Baptiste who learned them as a waiter during University.  More about Château de Bourneau

Channel 4, March 23, 2020