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Mark your calendars – or tell Google to remind you (it’s the 21st century LOL) MONDAY 16TH MARCH, 4PM on Channel 4, Escape to the Château DIY makes it long awaited return with a new series!  

Escape to the Château DIY (or ETTCDIY) has a massive following on Facebook of over 27,000 and according to a Daily Mail article almost 3 million people tune in on a Sunday evening to watch live as well as to view reruns – which never get old do they?  The Radio Times has an episode guide to series 1-3 and you can also watch episodes and snippets on YouTube.  At our website www.chateauxescapesfrance.com we have sourced the dates when your favourite château was aired so you can easily find the reruns – by example go to Château de Bourneau where you may recall meeting the hosts Erin and Jean-Baptiste.  (As it happens the Château de Bourneau will kick off the first week of the new series).

Escape to the Château DIY and Dick and Angel Strawbridge have become household names recognized across the globe.  What do you think is the reason for the fascination we have for them and for all the other intrepid château DIYers?  I had a think about this and I am convinced that most of us are frustrated painters and interior decorators.  Life gets in the way of taking the time to be creative with the pressures of running a home, children and busy careers.  I personally back burnered my desire to paint creatively, but since we moved to Normandy where the brocantes are plentiful I have made a concerted life switch and now prioritize upcycling furniture as a hobby – it’s addictive.  See our Facebook page for my latest piece.  

This is me at work

Most of the château owners featured are not interior designers or builders by trade but they had the courage to follow their dream.  The programme has awoken that creativity within us and we are now living vicariously through Dick and Angel and all the other château owners.  I receive lots of comments to quote “I would love this but I am now too old”  to which I say, “What rot! Let your creative genie out of the bottle and reap the rewards!”  Happy painting!