It seems that elopements are on the rise!  It is no longer just for couples creeping out during the night to tie the knot with their forever love without the knowledge or approval of friends and family.  Many factors have altered the way couples think about eloping:

  1.  Couples are opting for more intimate, personal occasions.  Large weddings tend to get out of hand with distant relatives coming out of the woodwork wondering why they’re not on the invitation list.  In my case my Mother-in-law made the decision to invite some of her friends whom I barely knew. All of this on YOUR day and in some cases of second weddings at YOUR expense.

  2. We’ve all had a vision of our perfect wedding and it’s not always a traditional one.  This sometimes causes disagreement between family and peers – why should it? It’s YOUR day.

  3. Large weddings are overwhelming (not to mention hugely expensive) to plan and you end up hiring a perfect stranger to arrange YOUR day?

  4. Traditional weddings take up to 1 year to plan, elopements can be arranged in less than 90 days.

  5. YOU and your betrothed choose the venue:  YOU and your betrothed hand pick the guests.  Although the true connotation of an elopement is just the two of you the trend is also popular for “micro” weddings typically between 10 and a maximum of 30 guests, a wonderful celebration followed by a great party!
  6. YOU and your betrothed are not distracted by all the “detail” you are free to enjoy your most romantic of days.

So why France?  Simply put, France is terribly romantic.  A wedding in an intimate chateau (yes there are plenty of those which we can assist you with); a wedding on the beach, a park or in a field of sunflowers.  You name it, the romance of France awaits your special day.  

France le pays de l’amour!