Claire Warbeck

The very talented Claire Warbeck has just completed this fabulous portrait of Dick Strawbridge – as if you needed to be told who it is, the likeness is incredible!  You will recall Claire’s amazing portrait of Angel Strawbridge, she told us that she had [justifiably] received so many accolades and everyone asked if she planned to paint Dick, and voila!

According to Clare painting the facial hair was a real challenge but wow the result is

Angel by Claire Warbeck

Angel by Claire Warbeck


Claire’s next portraits are already in the works – Stephanie Jarvis of Chateau de Lalande and Michael Petherick of Chateau de la Basmaignee.  We’ll be sure to post them as soon as they are completed.

We encourage you to give Claire the accolades she so well deserves and if you missed “Angel” here’s the link to view.