Wouldn’t we all LOVE to have a Handy Man like Dick Strawbridge around the House?  The “Superman” of DIY.  We saw him in action again recently in the new series Make Do and Mend.  Dare I say it ladies, he defies the myth of men not being able to multi-task LOL!

When you watch Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau it seems that there is no task which is daunting to Dick Strawbridge.  He is so mild mannered and never appears to get rattled by any of Angel’s often seemingly impossible requests. I wish my husband could be half as patient and have half the knowledge in so many areas that Dick has!

Dick is no novice to being in front of the camera.  After leaving the army in 2001 he became a television presenter on ScrapHeap Challenge a TV programme where teams of contestants were given ten hours to build a working machine which could do a specific task solely using materials they sourced in the scrap heap.  Clearly this stood him in good stead for his future life at the Chateau de la Motte Husson, the pig roaster being a fine example!

To add to his many talents, and more recently, Dick was the runner up on Master Chef, and he achieved this against all odds.  According to a Daily Mirror article, Dick was practicing a dish he planned to wow the judges with which contained oysters. Sadly he got a “dodgy” one and went down with a case of food poisoning.   He was sent home from the set as he was so ill and missed two challenges. However, in Dick’s never say die way, he still made the final and was a close runner up that year.

What a very lucky lady Angel is having Dick around the house – his all round talents in so many areas are laudable.  We salute you Dick!