Step aside Harry and Meghan, David and Victoria the Strawbridges are Channel 4’s “It” Power Couple!  Certainly from a popularity standpoint they are top ranked, not to forget Master Arthur and Miss Dorothy Strawbridge who are rapidly becoming rock stars in their own right!

A bit about Lieutenant Colonel Richard Francis Strawbridge affectionately referred to as ”Colonel Dick”:  Mr Strawbridge was born in Burma where his parents were working and was educated in Ireland.  He is the recipient of an MBE, is an engineer, TV presenter, environmentalist, MasterChef finalist – the list goes on with the range of achievements he has accomplished in his 60 years.  Take a look at his illustrious and fascinating career before he became the worldwide much loved face and host of Escape to the Chateau and Escape to the Chateau DIY on WikiWand

As for the other half of the Power Couple, a little known fact is that Angel is in fact a Chartered Accountant with a business studies background and is also a trained image consultant.  It seems that everything Angel touches turns to gold.  From her very first business venture, at the age of 17, she sold vintage clothing and accessories from the vast collection she had amassed in her teenage years in Old Spitalfields Market in London.  Then on to The Angel-A Vintage Experience (home parties), success on the Dragon’s Den to launch the Vintage Patisserie, then she met Dick and the rest is history . . . Angel’s history and 10 Quick Facts about her.

The newest offshoot is the 4 Part Series of Make Do and Mend which we are certain will be hugely popular – and helpful to us all.  Finally let’s not forget to welcome the newest addition to the Strawbridge family, Petale.

Lovely photo of Dick and Angel courtesy of https://thechateau.tv/gallery-new