NEWS!  Make Do and Mend 4 Part Series Starts Thursday 30 July at 8pm on C4.

We all heard it first when Dick and Angel were interviewed recently on a video call with Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on This Morning.  News was out about their latest venture “Make Do and Mend” which will be a 4-part Channel 4 homecraft themed series which Channel 4 has scheduled as their way of assisting us through this difficult time.

We’re all locked down in our homes due to the “C” thing and it’s giving many of us the opportunity to dust off projects which have been stuck in a drawer or cupboard somewhere, or indeed we’ve been inspired to try something new.  This gave Dick and Angel the idea to open lines of communication with the public and offer the benefit of their vast knowledge (“80 years combined of fixing, mending, cooking and just having a go”) to offer sage advice on renovating, repairing, up cycling, decorating, etc, etc. 

To quote Dick during his interview on This Morning: “Everyone has a junk drawer somewhere in their house, they’ve got certain jobs that need to be done… We always have people asking us for our advice, on how we did this [renovated their chateau].”  He continued: “We thought we’d show them how to do some jobs, and find out how they’ve done some, too…”

So you ask yourself, how is it safe to film during the current lockdown?  This is Dick’s answer: “We’d visit their home on Skype or FaceTime, and we’d find out what they’ve done.”  So Dick and Angel will film themselves from the Chateau de la Motte Husson, as will all participants, from the safety of their own homes!

So what kind of assistance will be provided?  Well Dick and Angel will communicate online with families across the UK offering practical and imaginative tips on sprucing up living spaces as well as facilitating those fiddly DIY jobs that we’ve all avoided!

This is part of Channel 4’s new Lockdown Academy which is currently airing many interesting programmes specifically designed to assist us all during this time.  Programming includes Kirstie’s House of Craft with Kirstie Allsopp, Lockdown Wedding Live, with Fred Sirieix who will be maître d’ for a very unique wedding and Jaimie Oliver’s Keep Cooking and Carry On.

No date has yet been set for release but check back with us and we’ll keep you updated and please share this article so we can all enjoy and learn!