To brighten our day yesterday, Dick and Angel were interviewed on location at the Chateau de la Motte Husson by Phil and Holly on ITV “This Morning” show.   Here’s a recap in case you missed it: 

Question:  How are you fairing during the lockdown?
Answer:  It’s afforded us time and in particular time with the family, we are usually very busy

Question:  Tell us a bit about your decision to buy the Chateau
Answer:  No decision really, we bought it for the same price as you would pay for a bedsit in London and it’s about quality of life. 

Question:  How are the renovations going, all done?
Answer:  Work for a chateau owner is never finished, though after 5 years there is one corner of the attic which has never been touched.  I am waiting for Arthur to be old enough to come up and poke around with me. Perhaps we’ll find some hidden treasures in it!

Question:  How has the lockdown impacted your business?
Answer:  Everything has had to be rearranged for the next few months.  Angel has been on the phone to everyone but sadly no firm plans can be made since nobody knows when things will go back to normal. Very hard when weddings have been planned 2 years ahead.  With so much uncertainty we cannot offer false hope.

Question:  There are many other couples whom we’ve seen on Escape to the Chateau DIY who don’t have a huge budget and have done the same thing as you.
Answer:  Yes a chateau can be a money pit and for most owners it is necessary to try and find an income stream.  However it’s the quality of life that is so important.

Question:  I understand you’re going to be hosting a new show?
Answer:  Yes it’s especially for crafters, Angel is able to take things out of a junk drawer and create something wonderful.

Question:  What is happening about the children’s school during lockdown?
Answer:  They have been learning life skills (cooking, crafting, cleaning, etc) in addition to math, french, etc which Dick has been teaching them.  Angel tried but was too naughty in class!

Aired April 6, 2020 at 11:20 on ITV “This Morning” for those who missed it.