Château Gioux

Château Gioux as seen on Channel 4 Escape to the Château DIY

Chateau Gioux

Chateau Gioux

A new Château for Series 4.  Château Gioux is a classic example of a late 19th century French chateau.  Built around 1895 for French and Belgian nobility, the building has been used as a hunting lodge, a sanctuary for WWII French resistance fighters, a hospital, an OAP home and has now become a lovely Chambre d’hote offering accommodation within 3 ensuite bedrooms.  It is set on over 4 acres and is located just 15 kms from Lake Vassiviere, one of the largest man made lakes in Europe offering a variety of a variety of sporting activities (water sports, fishing, hiking, mountain biking) or simply “chillax” time.

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March 30, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 6  Click to Watch on Channel 4
In this episode we were introduced to Nigel and Debs the owners of Château Gioux in the Limousin.  They only met 5 years ago but both fell in love with the Château and with a price drop of 100,000 Euros they did not hesitate to snap it up.  Considering they have little practical DIY experience, they started with a vision, sourced and upcycled the materials, and created a “Narnia” influenced wardrobe door connecting the bedroom with the bathroom. 

March 31, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 7  Click to Watch on Channel 4
Debbie and Nigel race against the clock to prepare accommodations for impending guests.  Debbie cleverly – and beautifully – uses stencils on their “Narnia” bathroom entryway and lionhead door handles arrive; however the piece de resistance, the Lion’s Head, does not arrive on time.  They are decorating the bedrooms on a budget with upcycled furnishings: touches of gilding wax on bedside tables, a brass bed with ciel de lit, antique mirrors and candelabras. This just goes to prove how effective upcycling is.

April 1, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 8  Click to Watch on Channel 4
Debbie and Nigel continue to renovate the Château in anticipation of their new business and to decorate the (to quote Nigel) “Château on a Shoestring”.  In this episode they tackle the conservatory which was an add on after the war when it was a nursing home. Debbie’s vision is for a sitting room with an oasis feel to it.  After lots of scraping off of old paint (and with Angel’s Tower of Curiosities as her inspiration) Debbie gets her paintbrush out and creates a themed wall mural – no stencils this time, well done Debbie!  Job done, let’s have a cup of tea in our new “Garden Room”.

April 2, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 9  Click to Watch on Channel 4
In today’s episode Debbie and Nigel continue their Château renovations in the salon which is currently a dark purple which makes the room rather dark.  So a yellow/gold paint is selected and in between quick guest changeovers, over the course of 2 weeks, they manage to paint and feature wallpaper in the room.  Nigel engineers a clever pulley system to remove the exterior shutters for restoration, no small job.

April 3, 2020 : ESCAPE TO THE CHATEAU DIY SERIES 4, EPISODE 10  Click to Watch on Channel 4
Debbie and Nigel put the finishing touches on their flat pack gothic garden arches – and they’re still married!  Then they turn their focus on their large terrace which is riddled with cracks and years of grime. Needless to say there’s some fun during the power wash and Nigel finally recognizes that spraying the resin finish is far simpler than doing it by hand.  In the meantime (and well done Debbie for your patience) Debbie is getting the rust off the railings in readiness for paint. Well it looks great guys! Next project is to convert their own accommodation into a family suite which means converting the loft for themselves.

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Information and photos provided courtesy of Chateau Gioux


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