Château de Thuries

Château de Thuriés as seen on Escape to the Château DIY

For us, the Château de Thuriés was a stand out in the most recent Escape to the Château DIY Series 3.  Didn’t we all wonder just how Jane was going to successfully paint the mural on the staircase?!  The way she achieved the perspective on such a voluminous, uphill and curving “canvas” is unbelievable.  Wow and wow is all you can say at the end result – Jayne are you an ancestor of Michelangelo?!

Château de Thuries (40 mins equidistant from both Toulouse and Carcassone) is a run as a boutique B&B and retreat venue. The Château is on 1.5 hectares of parkland with the Canal du Midi running along the bottom of the grounds, ideal for walking or biking.   There is a Saturday morning market in the nearby town of Revel – touted as one of the best in France. Plans are in place for a heated swimming pool.

The owners, Jayne and Steve Simmons moved from Gloucester in 2017 and have spent that time tirelessly faceting this diamond in the rough and creating the beautiful gem it is today.  The decor which Jayne and Steve have selected and created is truly Châteauesque, each room is a delight – even the reception area.

Their doors are now open and they have some exciting and very interesting events coming up in 2020:

As seen on Channel 4’s Escape to the Château DIY Series 2

  • Episode 26 aired March 25th 2019
    Jayne and Steve need to get four en suite themed bedrooms ready for their new B&B business
  • Episode 27 aired March 26th 2019
    Jayne and Steve finish the Nature Room
  • Episode 28 aired March 27th 2019
    Jayne and Steve complete the Little French room
  • Episode 29 aired March 28th 2019
    Jayne and Steve battle with a giant four poster bed
  • Episode 30 aired March 29th 2019
    Jayne and Steve finish the Oriental Room and are ready for guests

As seen on Channel 4’s Escape to the Château DIY Series 3

  • Episode 6 aired November 4th 2019
    Jayne and Steve have much to prepare for a family and friend’s soiree
  • Episode 7 aired November 5th 2019
    A testing wallpaper mural mounting project tests both Jayne and Steve
  • Episode 8 aired November 6th 2019
    Jayne and Steve send for their friends
  • Episode 9 aired November 7th 2019
    Jayne and Steve find a use for the disused orangery at one end of their chateau

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Jayne & Steve
Chemin de Thuries, 31250 Revel

+33 (0)5 34 65 23 91
+44 07736 255205

Available for: Retreats, Workshops, Boutique B&B

Number of Rooms:  25

Amenities:  Canal du Midi, Walking, Bicycling, Pool Coming Soon


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