After this “C” thing is all done and dusted we’ll all be looking for ways to “escape” and what better way than to “Escape to the Château– if you think it’s beyond your budget, well think again.  There are many opportunities for bed and breakfast, or even whole château rental, on such booking sites as airbnb many of which are less expensive than a B&B on the South Coast.  In fact if you get a group of family or friends together to rent the whole château you’d be amazed at how inexpensive it becomes on a per head basis.

There’s a château in the Loire Valley which was purchased by a Mother-daughter team who decided not to wait for the DIY to be completed.  Soon after they moved into the historic 30 room, 14 bathroom they decided to start renting out rooms DURING RESTORATION.  According to past guests they stayed in clean rooms, and even without the luxury of air conditioning or in fact a completely finished room, most enjoyed their stay and plan to return to see progress.

It seems to me that to get a group together and enjoy the rental of whole château would be an amazing experience and just to demonstrate the economics of this I found this château in the Aquitaine region of France which accommodates up to 15 guests in 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms at an all inclusive cost of (get this) €958 per night in peak season – that’s €63 per person per night.  It has its own pool and will even rent it for you for just 1 night.  If you don’t believe me click here!

Here’s another château which is just a hop across the Channel being located in the Pas de Calais.  Up to 15 guests in 7 bedrooms and 4 baths, again high season but they require a 2 night stay (well who wouldn’t want to stay longer) inclusive cost €2,299, or €76 per night per guest.  Click to view.

Not to be overlooked, however, is that if you book directly with the château you will enjoy the best rates.  Take a look at these amazing chateau; why not inquire with them for your next holiday booking?  

So during these lockdown days why not dream a little, this is just a tiny sampling of the hundreds of châteaux out there just waiting to host you.

If you have experience of having rented a whole château we would love to hear about it.  Share with your friends and let’s get dreaming.