The literal translation of Brocante is “Secondhand Market”.  For most the description “secondhand” conjures up images of severley used or damaged items which the previous owner is chucking out as being worthless and no longer usable.  Angel Strawbridge star of Escape to the Chateau DIY has completely changed this perception and the hunt is now on for French antiques, vintage furniture, home decor and fashion items.  Angel has inspired us all to go hunting for that bargain piece (or pieces) which we can bring back to life with a sanding and a coat of paint – et voilà shabby chic the envy of your neighbours!

The Brocante in France are much more than a hunting ground for those mouth watering, can’t live without bargains, they are an occasion.  Start your day with a cup of coffee and a croissant at the little cafe in the marketplace and watch the people go by. You’ll see that the passersby all have that look of excited anticipation on their faces, what wonderful treasure will I find today?

Once your stomach has been satiated let your appetite for “la chasse” begin!  Most of us have no idea what we are looking for but when we see it we know that we cannot live without it.  So once you’ve identified “le Trésor” it’s time to use the buying tactics which I shared with you in my previous blog https://chateauxescapesfrance.com/how-to-barter-at-the-brocante-flea-markets-in-france

All things French shabby chic, antiques, etc have become extremely trendy in the UK with many people making the crossing to France solely on buying trips while others make it a part of their holiday.  As a result there are companies which offer organized buying trips such as Brocant Travel.

Enjoy the whole experience, take your treasure home and have some fun with it – make it your own!