Dick and Angel believe that anyone and everyone has the necessary skillset to publish a book – it’s true we all have that creativity within us but often that fertile spirit which lurks within is quashed by the speed of life and the world around us.  The hectic day to day rush to complete everything we need to accomplish in a day leaves us drained at the end of it.  During this lockdown we don’t have time constraints, so what better time than now to let the creative genie out of the bottle?!

Dick and Angel have told us that they love to read – and we all know they love to create!  Over the years they have each written books and jointly the 100 page coffee table book “The Chateau: The Beginning” which shares the why, how and what they did in order to create a new life in France at the Chateau de la Motte Husson.  The concept for this book began as a result of thousands of fan requests to share their story.  Strangely (and I’m sure in hindsight a huge regret on their part) the publishing companies were not interested in the content as they felt it did not fit onto a particular “shelf”.  This is what they had to say:

“Conventional publishers couldn’t see our vision for this book. It’s worked out better for us in the end as every word, detail, picture and illustration has been lovingly cared for, and created by us. The Chateau: The Beginning is the real ‘warts and all’ story behind our French fairy tale.” – Angel

“Unusually for a book of this kind, it’s written in both our voices, side-by-side, to give readers a real flavour of our journey, and our relationship! It looks great, Angel makes sure of that and I take care of the ‘How To’s’ and the recipes that we served our friends and family at our wedding.” – Dick

The publishers’ decision turned out to be a blessing; Dick and Angel met a team of entrepreneurs who saw their vision and they formed a partnership “The Chateau Publishing” a self publishing company which prints books on demand.  Available now, your copy of “The Chateau: The Beginning” can even be personalized, what a great gift!  Click for details or to buy.

All that being said, now it’s YOUR turn!  By Christmas 2020 your manuscript could be published by Chateau Publishing.  The winner will be voted for by the public and the lucky winner will receive royalties for every copy sold via thechateau.tv website.  The royalty will be matched by thechateau.tv for a chosen charity.

Entries in the Literature Competition must be received by July 17th, 2020 so get busy.  Click here for full entry conditions and details.  Good luck, we look forward to seeing you on the coffee table!

Please share with fellow aspiring authors!