Even in the midst of this pandemic which is causing, and has caused, chaos and dismay in all of our lives, there is some good news!  There is life again at the Chateaux you have seen on Escape to the Chateau DIY.  Speaking of which haven’t we all missed seeing the chateau owners?  When will the series pick up where it left off, anyone know?

As you all know, during total lock down over the Summer months all events in France were cancelled but they are starting to be scheduled again giving us all hope of that long overdue taste of la vie en France and indeed la vie en chateau!

Here’s a few examples of planned events:  

Chateau de Saugé is offering wonderful weekend Winter Getaways.  Offer includes 3 night accommodation with breakfast and candlelit dinner.  Click for details.

Château de Thuriés is planning ahead to 2021 for their watercolour painting and sketching programme, but if this is of interest you should plan accordingly as their events get booked up.  Details.

Château du Puits es Pratx has a dining club offering a 15% discount for frequent diners (for those of you lucky enough to live in France).  You must see the amazing cuisine they offer.  Details.

Chateau de Bourneau has a floristry retreat scheduled at the end of November where she will teach the techniques to turn the Château ballroom into a Christmassy film set, culminating in a sumptuous gala dinner.  Details.  

So have faith, things are improving and there is light at the end of the C thing.  Don’t be afraid, don your mask, plan ahead and partake of these amazing events, Chateau accommodation and wonderful cuisine en France.  We’re all ready for a Winter break after all!