When we retired from the business world we decided that a complete change of pace was in order. Recognizing in ourselves as well as in our peers the importance of a balance of fitness and relaxation in what has been coined “The Third Age” we set about creating an environment where people would have the unique opportunity to come and lose themselves in the beauty and tranquility of a Chateau in France.
The events are hosted by Stephan and Lisa. Stephan is a Therapeutic Sound Practitioner and he helps guests to lose themselves in a world of Tibetan singing bowls and gongs. Lisa is a certified “Silver Age Yoga” and “Gentle Yoga” instructor as well as offering Yoga Dance (especially Tipsy Yoga Dance as seen in New York City) as well as Aqua Yoga. Her ethos is Fun Yoga 4 Any Body – so if you’ve read about the benefits of yoga but been too intimidated by a yoga studio come and join us!
A blend of locally sourced French food, wines, and ciders are available at this all-inclusive event. We promise you a fun, relaxing and memorable weekend.