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We’ve written in the past about choosing a chateau as the perfect venue for a wedding.  Châteaux in France come in all shapes and sizes, Wikipedia states “The French word château denotes buildings as diverse as a medieval fortress, a Renaissance palace and a 19th-century country house.”  The châteaux you have seen on Escape to the Château DIY range in size from boutique to castle.  Then there are others which were not showcased on the Channel 4 program such as Castelnau Des Fieumarcon in the Midi-Pyrenees where you can rent the entire medieval town, or the boutique Château de Vaudezert in Normandy.

The concept of a romantic wedding in France, while sounding like a dream, may be intimidating to some thinking it would be unaffordable.  This is also true of other celebratory occasions, for example a 50th wedding anniversary, a landmark birthday, vow renewals, art or yoga retreats, girlie getaways as just a few examples.  Think again, there are many châteaux which can accommodate smaller groups for any occasion and they will cater to your specific tastes, needs and budget. 

Now that lockdown is easing in France it’s the ideal time to start making your plans.  This has been an unprecedented time in everyone’s lives but we are rounding the corner and life must go on.  The owners are waiting to hear from you so they can make your dreams become reality.

For a list of the ETTC DIY Chateau click here or for what we coin the Escape to the OTHER Chateau DIY properties here’s the link.

Start planning now!