Located in Grasse in the Region of Provence, the amazing Château Saint Georges is known as “Le Petit Versailles of the French Riviera” and you can see for yourself in the image gallery how it has earned this nickname.  In 1891 this Versaille-esque Château hosted Queen Victoria (fascinating photos from Queen Victoria’s visit to Grasse) who loved Grasse and enjoyed long walks and carriage rides in the Château gardens as well as the panoramic views of Grasse.  The Queen loved Grasse valley which as we all know is renowned as being the world perfume capital. Dating back to the XIX Century the Château was in fact originally constructed by a famous perfumer.

Here’s a quote from the Journal of Grasse dated Thursday April 16, 1981:

HeadlineHer Majesty, Queen Victoria, in love with Grasse and its surroundings regularly visited the Château Saint Georges.
“Queen Victoria continues as usual, her excursions in our surroundings.  For some days she especially likes the rides at Villa Saint Georges . . . Her Majesty in the mornings spends a long time contemplating the wonderful panorama of Grasse Valley from the top of the terrace which surrounds the beautiful grounds of this property”

Chateau Saint Georges

Chateau Saint Georges

Located high on a hill with unspoiled views of the valley and distant mountains, even when compared to the glitz of the French Riviera the Château Saint Georges is a shining star.  It has taken the owner 15 years of renovations to restore the mouldings, marbles, flooring, chandeliers to their former glory while at the same time adding in the luxury and comfort required by today’s discriminating guests.

Looking at the image gallery it is understandable why Château Saint Georges has become a favourite venue for film and photo shoots, corporate seminars and a dream wedding venue.

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